Thursday, January 22, 2015

Sample Post

You can automatically add a signature image to every one of your blog posts — old and new — with one CSS rule.

Here's why it's so nice to do it the CSS way:
  • You only have to do it once. When you add your signature to your blog's CSS, it will automatically appear on every one of your blog posts.
  • It's easy to change. If you decide to change your signature image, just change one line of CSS and the signature will update on every single post.
  • No borders. When you add your signature image with CSS, it doesn't get the border that Blogger automatically adds to your post images.
  • Pinterest-proof. Your readers can't accidentally Pin your signature if you add it with CSS. The Pinmarklet and the official Pin It buttons ignore CSS images.
Ready to give it a shot? All you need to get started is one of my Custom Signature Images and your Blogspot blog.