Tuesday, April 18, 2017

LipSense®, I'm obsessed.  Totally and completely obsessed.

Have you tried this amazing, long lasting, kiss proof, waterproof, vegan, lead & wax free lip color?

I have..about 5 weeks ago now and I LOVE IT.  about 6 months ago, I stared designing graphics and marketing materials for Distributors of SeneGence®/LipSense® and I got curious. 

I tried "Pink Champagne" and now have 4 other colors..but it's not enough and sadly, I'm having a hard time buying more!

Do you use it? If so, what's your favorite color or color combination?

If anyone wants to barter for LipSense®, I am your girl.  Seriously.  Marketing materials for the good stuff...Sand Gloss, First Love, Bravo, Luv It, Gold Champagne and even some of the ShadowSense® Candlelight or Copper Rose, etc.. :)   Come visit my Etsy Shop and see what I have.

xo M